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new option for slideshow "Stretch the big image?" #78

konradsroka opened this Issue · 11 comments

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there could be an option to set the warping of the big image in the slideshow to off or on.

off = like in the older version of CC (1.10 for example)
on = like in the newer version of CC

default = with warping like it is now..

@slaFFik can you pimp the slideshow? :)

@slaFFik slaFFik was assigned



Please test


@slaFFik now after this last commit the slider went a bit crazy with choosing the right featured image size..

1.) - for "off" it doesn't stretch them, but it takes very small images (like 80x50 ) but not for everyone..

2.) - for "on" it suddenly behaves different - uses a small 80x50 image now although the featured image
is really big enough..

see screenshot to see what i mean..



@slaFFik please can you check the image size problem again? maybe just the height missing for stretching = on?


@slaffik i got also this feedback here, can you reproduce or see the error?
we have quite a lot complaints about the image size always -> what can be done here to eliminate most weird behaviours?? even if you add a slightly bigger image than needed, it doesn't work.. :- ? weird..

Okay, here's the user comment:

After some work on the theme over several weeks by the support team, a number of issues including the one of the wrong size of slideshow & preview images I had were addressed recently in version 1.14 the current free free version, which I use. i noted, though you have to upload an article image of 1008 x 350. I had tried a height of 250px, but it leaves some space at the bottom, so you need something greater. I just settled for 350. One of the problems of previous version was when you submitted this, the preview images on the right side of the slideshow where resized to 50 x 50 & this was stretched to fill the main slideshow window as well. Now, and I am just noticing this now, after "viewing the small slideshow preview image (for lack of a better word) in Firefox and noticed no separate, truncated & re-sized image is created for this area. Instead, a rectangular portion of the main slideshow image is shown in that preview window. It seems the SAME image is used, only that a bit of it is shown. In any case, this is is better than the what we had before and the main slideshow image is of the right proportions.

Is that what the support team had in mind, i.e. to get rid of a separate preview image & just show a portion of the main article image used in slideshow?


// and a small update:

The screenshot shows what you get with 1.14. The red arrows show an article image of 1008 x 350. A portion of this is shown to the right. In older versions a new image was created by resizing & truncating the main image to 50 x 50. In this case, in Firefox if I view the smaller image, it shows me one the one above! It is certainly much better than what we had before.

The other image is the DEFAULT slideshow image, which I customized. I actually thought the uploaded article PREVIEW images should look like that and in this case, the preview image => custom-community/images/slideshow/noftrdimg-80x50.jpg is a small version of the bigger slideshow image & NOT just a bit, like a top corner of it being show & covering the whole space, but if there is an intended change by the support team, then that is ok.

see screenshot



did some changes, needs more testing


@slaffik for stretching it seems to work and stretch full now :)

for "Not stretching" -> i noticed that although i uploaded some quite big images, smaller images are produced and then these ones are taken for the slider...

see the result:


** you have any idea how to 100% fix once and for all? **


No ideas. Spent quite a lot of time here.
In general - that's WP limitation or croping. So the uploaded image in post as featured should be bigger then 756 and 250 - on both sizes. Otherwise there will be a problem with display. So I can't fix that now.



I have been trying to make a copy of an existing site, but starting it from scratch with 1.15 as the old one has some DB tables & other baggage I want to get rid of. I noted that whereas the version I have been updating from older versions has under Theme Settings => Sidebars => Right sidebar width
"Change the right sidebar width - in pixel. Just enter a number.", the version I have been doing from scratch (1.15) has NOT got this customizable sidebar length option at least where what was inherited is expected to be..
If this is not intended, I request you to consider restoring. Some Google add options, like the one I use, I think around 300 x 300 pixels no longer fits.

If the option has been relocated, I would appreciate being pointed to this ...



@slaFFik, okay got it..

@xprt007, when you have responsive mode enabled (under GENERAL -> Responsive)
all dimensions are setup automatically.

when you switch responsive to disabled, these options appear again and you can setup your sidebar and website width dimension like you described..

thanks for the hint with the sidebar width, maybe we should think about making them a bit bigger by default, like 300px..

** will close this issue here.. the option is added and works.. **



I thank you for the solution immediately above, which worked.
I have updated to the newest version 1.15 on a test site but not as yet to a main site recently launched. Here some observations:

In the screenshot, you will note in the top-most screenshot that the 4 article image previews on the right take considerable time to load after going to the front page. I think this was not the case in 1.14, etc. ... Is it supposed to be like this?

In the middle, you have the fully loaded front page. The NEW orange slideshow image, shows the problem in the previous version shown in the image immediately above solved of there being space on the right of the image for the title and the image being the right size, like that n the defaults.

A new problem, though is: whereas in the old version the WHOLE title was shown as seen in the 3rd screenshot, in 1.15, if the title is beyond some length, some text gets truncated. ... I think the older version is better here unless, one now has to limit the title length.

Then there are those spaces below top menu at the top of the main content & sidebar. Looks quite big. Same thing in the main content area, to the right of the sidebar. The space looks too big ...

Would be grateful if these could be addressed.

Kind regards,


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