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Unstyled - a starter theme

Unstyled is a WordPress starter theme with a built-in workflow.

Think of Unstyled as _s with batteries included.



(coming soon) Some things found over-time to be missing. Should fix theese quite soon:

  • Functions should do one thing only (looking at you unstyled_posted_on)
  • 404 Design
  • Ask @richtabor for help to theme-check this when it's 100% done

Batteries Included

This is an opinionated starting point powered by Gulp.js, that means that you will have touch the terminal a little bit. Don't worry - it's easy. There are just two commands you need to know out of the box and you'll like them.

  • Gulp.js - All the theme tasks, such as compilation and .pot file generation is handled by Gulp.js
  • ES6 JavaScript ready, with import support (powered by Browserify and Babelify)
  • Stylus for styles - the most flexible way of writing CSS, with Globbing support and a lot more.
  • Stylus Mixins - a few mixins I use in almost every project: Modular Scale, CSS Grid Helpers, Stylus calc() workarounds, Layer Manager
  • BrowserSync - Automatic reloads when files change, CSS injection when only CSS files have changed
  • Autoprefixer - Don't write CSS Prefixes. Let Autoprefixer handle them.
  • Sourcemaps - can't live without them
  • Default styles - Theme comes with some basic styles for things like the menu, forms, tables, WordPress galleries. Read more at Sensible Defaults
  • Minification for Production - CSS and JavaScript files are automatically minified when building for production


The first time you use a copy of this theme, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the theme to your themes directory, rename the folder to your theme name
  2. Open the theme directory in the terminal and run npm install to install all the dependencies
  3. Search & Replace (case sensitive):
  • unstyled -> your_slug - used as textdomain and function prefix
  • Unstyled -> Your Theme Name
  1. Edit /theme.yml, set your local development URL
  2. Run gulp sync to watch for changes and you're done, from now on - all you need to to is run gulp sync

Gulp Commands

To work with this theme, all you need to know are these 2 commmands:

  • gulp sync - Is going to rebuild everything and watch for changes
  • gulp build --production - is going to build and minify both Style and JavaScript

You can run each command separately too: scripts - Builds JavaScript pot - Generates a new .pot file styl - Compiles stylus

Append --production to any task to enable minification

Sensible Defaults

The goal was to make a starter-theme with just enough of styles to get you going without adding too much useless features. This is a starting point to make free themes on, because of that by default it's Fully PHP 5.2.17 compatible.

The theme comes packed with a few defaults

  • Default Styles

    • a stripped version of normalize.css
    • box-sizing: border-box;
    • Basic style for elements like lists, tables, paragraphs, buttons, etc.
    • Basic container width and alignment
    • Toggleable menu starting point
  • Default WordPress Styles

    • Alignment
    • Captions
    • WP Gallery
    • Widgets
    • Posts and Archives
  • Clean directory structure

    • All theme functions and helpers are kept in /inc/ directory and its subdirectories
    • All source files for styles, scripts, images, build tools are all kept in /assets/ diretory and its subdirectories
    • Compressed and built files are kept in the /build/ directory
    • Theme template parts are kept in /partials directory.


An opinionated WordPress starter theme with a built-in workflow








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