Create easily a Tor mid-relay.
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Docker Tor-relay

Create easily a Tor mid-relay.


First, edit torrc file and change :

  • Nickname with a pretty funny name
  • ContactInfo with a contact address, PGP key or ... your phone number?
  • RelayBandwithRate and RelayBandwidthBurst with a maximum bandwith you allow to your tor relay. If you prefer allow Tor to use all available bandwidth, remove this two lines.
  • (Optional) DirPort and ORPort if you likely to use another port. If you change there lines, you need to modify the EXPOSE ports in Dockerfile.

Build and run

To build the container after modifications, execute this line to build the container:

docker build -t tor-relay .

and run the container :

docker run -di --name pretty-good-relay tor-relay

and voilà !