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Here anybody can help to localize TheoTown to other languages.

For translators

How translation works

Each values.xml file contains lines of the form:
<tagname>"My translation"</tagname>
You have just to translate the part in between (here "My Translation"). Special characters like \n might be used to indicate a new line. When your translation is done, make sure to create a 'pull request' so it can be merged to main branch. If you forget to do that step your translation won't be added to the main branch.


Every directory contains a values.xml file. The corresponding languages are:

  • values-af: Afrikaans
  • values-b+fil: Filipino
  • values-eu: Basque
  • values-ca: Catalan
  • values-cs: Czech
  • values-de: German ← Always up to date
  • values-es: Spanish
  • values-fr: French
  • values-hu: Hungary
  • values-in: Indonesian
  • values-it: Italian
  • values-ja: Japanese
  • values-ko: Korean
  • values-lt: Lithuanian
  • values-ms: Malay
  • values-nl: Dutch
  • values-pl: Polish
  • values-pt: Portuguese
  • values-ru: Russian
  • values-sr: Serbian
  • values-th: Thai
  • values-tr: Turkish
  • values-uk: Ukrainian
  • values-vi: Vietnamese
  • values-zh-rHK: Hong Kong Chinese
  • values-zh-rTW: Traditional Chinese
  • values-zh: Chinese
  • values: English (default language) ← Always up to date

For more two letter language codes see ISO 639-1. You might just add an apropriate directory in order to add a new language. English and German translations will always be up to date. The others can be built from them.

Escaping characters

Certain characters cannot be written directly within the xml file. You will have to replace them according to the following table:

Character Escaped form
" &quot;
' &apos;
< &lt;
> &gt;
& &amp;

In Json based translations you will only have to replace " by \"

For developers

Grab script

There's a script included that can be used to grab current translations files from the project directory automatically (developer only). For that to work you have to setup a local TheoTown symbolic link to your TheoTown project directory. To do this, execute a command like the following (here assuming running WSL):

ln -s /mnt/c/Users/User/StudioProjects/TheoTown66 TheoTown


Here everybody can help to localize TheoTown to other languages.







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