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An audio effects library for the Web Audio API.
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Ownership of the tuna repo has been transferred. The old Dinahmoe/tuna repo should be redirected here, but we recommend updating your remotes using:

git remote set-url origin

or, if you use ssh:

git remote set-url origin

Latest news

Moog style filter and Bitcrusher added! Also, make sure you update your filter nodes to use strings instead of integers for filter type!


An audio effects library for the Web Audio API. Concieved at DinahMoe, open source since 2012.

tuna, tuna, tuna

Effect list:

  • Overdrive (6 different algorithms)
  • Filter
  • Cabinet
  • Delay
  • Convolver (Reverb)
  • Compressor
  • WahWah
  • Tremolo
  • Phaser
  • Chorus
  • Bitcrusher
  • Moog Filter


Check the wiki:

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