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Simple Message Signature This website allow you to use RSA based signatures for your messages very simply.
You just need to generate a key pair and sign a message in one click!

Signature generation

The signatures are generated with this model, so you can check them by yourself if you want....
message --->(sha256)--->(RSA encryption with private key)--->(base64 encode)---> Signature

To check the signature just check if this two lines are equals
message --->(sha256)--> hash
Signature --->(base64 decode)--->(RSA decrypt with public key)---> original_hash

Formatting of messages

Messages with the signature are constructed on the following model:

This is the original message
The original message can be on multiplte lines

Some text to explain how/where you can check the signature
SIGNATURE:(Here goes the signature)

Note that a blank line is added after the original message