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M2X Healthy Baby app

Healthy Baby is an iOS application that demonstrates how a consumer facing health and wellness application can utilize the AT&T M2X service using the M2X iOS Client.


  • install Xcode 6.3
  • clone the repository
  • git submodule update --init --recursive
  • open M2XDemo.xcodeproj on Xcode and hit run


API Keys

Note that the the app uses some services like and crashlytics. If you want to use the services, make sure you have a keys/keys.json and then run ./insert-keys.js. Inside that script you can see the list of used tokens for the keys.


  • Weight, Glucose and Exercise sections create past data on the fly on M2X (considering now as 7 months from pregnancy)
  • Activity section shows data that is created from the app with the 'Kicks' tracker
  • To receive push notifications, make sure you configured the api keys and you're trying on a real device (won't work on simulator)
  • Since M2X API is asynchronous, there could be some delay of the created data to appear on the charts


For initial conversation about articles start a GH issue and ping the folks you would like to discuss with. You can think of articles as following a similar workflow to features in a web application project.

All major features and issues should be initially reported in the issues section. We are following the convention of naming an issue by prefixing its description with the issue type, as in "Feature: xxx", "Bug: xxx", "UI: xxx", "Refactor: xxx", or "Article: xxx". Please log the issue without any milestone, so that it can then be assigned to the corresponding one (if any).

Try to use distinct and descriptive subject lines to make issues easier to identify. The description should include as much information as necessary to define the issue so that implementation can begin.

Resolution will be done in its own branch, which have the following convention: type/NNN-feature-name where:

  • type is either feature, bug, ui, internal, or article.
  • NNN is the issue number in GitHub.
  • feature-name is a descriptive name for the feature you're working in.

Before you start working on an issue, you should assign it to yourself first, and then convert it to a pull request by using hub as follows:

  • Create a new branch: git checkout -b feature/123-feature-name.
  • Push your branch to GitHub repository and track it: git push -u origin feature/123-feature-name.
  • Attach your remote branch to the issue and convert it to a pull request: hub pull-request -i 123.

Everything needs to be a pull request to be merged into master. Usually, someone else (not the author) has to merge the pull request.

Usually, if the pull request doesn't involve important changes you can create a pull request without having created an issue. If so, you should create the branch using the type/feature-name convention.

Make sure to delete the branch after merging it into master.


Written by Luis Floreani, sponsored by Citrusbyte


This app is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

About Citrusbyte


Healthy Baby is lovingly maintained and funded by Citrusbyte. At Citrusbyte, we specialize in solving difficult computer science problems for startups and the enterprise.

At Citrusbyte we believe in and support open source software.

Citrusbyte and the Citrusbyte logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Citrusbyte, LLC.


Healthy Baby for iOS (using AT&T M2X)







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