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Next Word Prediction.ipynb


Predicting Next Word with a Bayesian Network

Created this for Intro to AI class as a proof-of-concept of using a BN. This project is very much related to the senior project, and through it I found Pomegranate, which is a Python library that supports BNs. This demo is using discrete variables, but it appears to support approximating complex continuous distributions with a mixture of Gaussians.

The input is text files of books from Project Gutenburg, which are used to learn the prior and conditional probability tables for the network. The network is n nodes, where a given word is dependent on all previous words.

The idea is to type in some words and the program will predict the next word taking as observations for the network the last n-1 words.

Example usage:

$ python3 ./word_prediction.py -n 3 alices_adventures_in_wonderland.txt
>>> we went
 ('to', 1.0)
>>> they walked
 ('off', 1.0)
>>> they walk
 ('with', 0.25)
 ('a', 0.25)
 ('Coming', 0.25)
 ('the', 0.25)
>>> the
 ('Queen', 0.11881813872649812)
 ('Mock', 0.11097066413862176)
 ('King', 0.10428187707378829)
 ('Gryphon', 0.09738241955021937)
 ('Hatter', 0.07599936798862457)
 ('Duchess', 0.0573550323905835)