GRUB2 + USB pendrive + ISOs
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Repo is in transition state whilst moving toward compatability with Zalman VE200

screenshot-qemu multipass

GRUB2 + USB pendrive + ISOs

/scripts/ will:

  • wipe specified disk
  • install grub2
  • copy in memdisk
  • extract a copy of this repository
  • set grub to load /scripts/grub_resources/grub.head.cfg

/bootisos/ directory stores the bootable media

  • .cfg are appended as bootable grub entries

/scripts/ will:

  • scan for *.source in /scripts/grub_templates/
  • if local file exists compare filenames
  • offer to download latest iso
  • check md5sum if available
  • generate a grub.cfg for the iso

/scripts/ will

  • pull a *.exe file
  • generate a freedos img including the .exe
  • generate a grub.cfg for the freedos.img

Longterm goals:

  • Boot windows install ISOs (by side loading fira driver)
  • Define ignore list (of *.source) for update.isos