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Requires the latest version of CBA and ACE3.

Theseus Inc. Mods, also known as TAC Mods, is a joint effort by the members of Theseus Inc. to bend the features and game-play of Arma 3 to the community's needs.

The mod is on the same foundation as the ACE3 mod, using its framework, systems, tools and standards. It is entirely open-source and licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv2).

Huge appreciation and thanks to ACE3 Team for their open-source nature and permission to use their systems.



  • Arma 3
  • Arma 3 Tools (available on Steam)
  • Run Arma 3 and Arma 3 Tools directly from Steam once to install registry entries (and again after every update)
  • HEMTT (0.7.6) binary placed in project root or globally installed
    • hemtt (Linux) or hemtt.exe (Windows) or setup.exe (Windows global install)


Replace hemtt with hemtt.exe on Windows.

  • Open terminal (Linux) or command line (Windows)
  • Run $ hemtt build to create a development build (add -f to overwrite already built addons)
  • Run $ hemtt build --release to create a release build (add -f to overwrite already built release)
  • Run $ hemtt clean to clean build files

Windows Helpers:

  • Double-click build.bat to create a development build


Only Windows extension builds are currently supported!


  • Boost library (>= 1.74)
    • Precompiled for Windows available here (last tested: 1.74.0 MSVC 14.2)
    • BOOST_ROOT environment variable set to <path>\boost_1_74_0 (or other version)
  • [Windows] Visual Studio 2017 (or higher)
  • [Linux] g++-w64-mingw-i686 for 64-bit

Extensions builds must be invoked manually, as they do not get rebuild with every release:

  • Run $ hemtt run extensions