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@Theverat Theverat released this May 20, 2017

  • @arcashka added a 3D preview window powered by OpenGL, thanks!
  • Fixed issue #12 (unnecessary computations)
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@Theverat Theverat released this Apr 20, 2017

fixed issue #21

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@Theverat Theverat released this Aug 16, 2016

fixed issue #16
testing new 64 bit builds.

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@Theverat Theverat released this Aug 12, 2016

  • improve performance and memory footprint by using pass by ref instead of value
  • fixed missing event for tab switching (e.g. scrolling while hovering the tabs)
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@Theverat Theverat released this Aug 12, 2016

Invert the default normal orientation because it looked wrong in renders and required to always tick "invert height" checkbox.

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@Theverat Theverat released this May 21, 2016


  • New gaussian blur filter for displacement maps, faster and better looking than the old box filter
  • Can now load whole folders at once (e.g. via drag and drop)
  • Can now set custom colors for the user interface
  • New shortcuts: Ctrl+O to open images, numbers 1-4 to switch between tabs, Ctrl+S to save images

The Windows 32bit binary is now statically linked and cross-compiled (built on Linux). This means that it is now a single .exe.
If you have problems running this build, please open a bug report in the issue tracker.

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@Theverat Theverat released this May 22, 2015


  • 50% faster
  • Many user interface improvements, should be easier to use now
  • Can now drop images into the queue list (more intuitive and consistent)
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@Theverat Theverat released this Jan 21, 2015

fixes for Linux wrapper script (takes command line arguments now)
added experimental SSAO generator (unfinished, don't expect good results)
fixed issue #5: save dialog does not ask for file overwrite permission anymore when it's not necessary
fixed issue #6: user can now disable saving of maps for normal save process, too (in addition to queue)

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@Theverat Theverat released this Nov 1, 2014

  • added support for TGA images (only uncompressed and read only): Issue #2
  • can now pass image paths via command line at startup: Issue #4
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@Theverat Theverat released this Oct 25, 2014

Panning and zooming in preview window now possible.
New autodetection that tries to find the best settings for the KeepLargeDetail feature.

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