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On Hold

This project is on hold for now.
@ Everyone, who wants to contribute: I won't help you in learning Java/Minecraft modding. If you want to contribute, learn it by yourself as I did. If you aren't willing to do that, don't ask me if you may contribute. Only ask me, if you really want to do this completely on your own and already know the basics of how modding works


Available Downloads
A successor (not port) of Balkon's Weapon Mod, will add primitive, medieval and some gunpowder weapons.
This successor has been created by Silvercatcher and ThexXTURBOXx.
We have taken some textures of BalkondeurAlpha to test WIP-Things.
Other textures are by Snow_Yoshi98, baddaspig and Sunconure11.


Reforged - Balkon's Weapon Mod for 1.8+?
Yes, it is! But it is in early development. Much things won't work properly. Use at your own risk, could crash your world never to be played again!


You want to have this mod translated to your language? You know 2 languages? Then fork this repository. Navigate to src/main/resources/assets/reforged/lang/ and copy one of the lang-files. The new file needs to be named after your language-code. The code for your language can be found here. Translate as much Text-Strings as you can without changing %1$s and similar. You can then create a new Pull Request and we will include your language into the mod.

Reforged Integration

Available Downloads
The repo for Reforged Integration can be found here.
Reforged Integration adds integration for mods like Thaumcraft, ProjectE etc.

Reforged CnG

Available Downloads
CnG = Cross'n'Grave
The repo for Reforged CnG can be found here.
Reforged CnG is the magical dimension of the Reforged Trinity.