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StudIP App Uni Passau

Total alerts Language grade: Java

This app is being created by ThexXTURBOXx (Nico Mexis).
If you want to contribute, feel free to create a Merge Request or help me translating this app to another language.


All Downloads are located on this website.


  1. Translate this file into your desired language and name it "strings.xml"
  2. Send the file to me and tell me, which language you translated it into (please write the email in German or English...).
  3. Thank you for contributing!


Used resource Credit
App Icon Icon made by Freepik from
Pig, Cow, Lamb, Deer Icons (Mensa Plan) Icon made by Freepik from
Alcohol Icon (Mensa Plan)
Vegetarian Icon (Mensa Plan) Online Web Fonts
Vegan Icon (Mensa Plan)
AppUpdater Library (modified by me) Made by javiersantos
CircleImageView Library Made by hdodenhof
Uni Passau StudIP Library Made by me
Android HTTP Client Library Made by smarek
JodaTime Library Made by JodaOrg