Commits on May 3, 2011
  1. Menu: Restore _destroy - remove tabIndex (gets added), don't remove ID

    jzaefferer committed May 3, 2011
    (can get generated, but removing only generated ideas hopefully isn't
    necessary). May have to fix that later.
  2. Effects (blind): direction now accepts up/down/left/right as well as …

    gnarf committed with scottgonzalez May 3, 2011
    …vertical(up) and horizontal(left) - Fixes #4480 - Invert the blind effect.
  3. Tabs: Fixed back-compat for selected option. Fixes #7135 - Tabs: Rena…

    scottgonzalez committed May 3, 2011
    …me selected option to active.
  4. Tabs: Fixed enabled and disabled methods. Fixes #7142 - Tabs: Depreca…

    scottgonzalez committed May 3, 2011
    …te enable and disable events.
  5. Position: Handled scrolled windows properly with collision: fit. Fixe…

    Jean-Francois Remy committed with scottgonzalez May 3, 2011
    …s #7211 - Position: Collision: fit doesn't work at top of window when scrolled.
Commits on May 2, 2011
  1. Merge pull request #187 from virgofx/master.

    scottgonzalez committed May 2, 2011
    Fix #7270 - Draggable iFrameFix
  2. Merge pull request #191 from whittet/patch-1.

    scottgonzalez committed May 2, 2011
    Bug fix for another use case, see comment by whittet here: http://bugs.jq
  3. Merge pull request #192 from ef4/master.

    scottgonzalez committed May 2, 2011
    Fixed #4445 containment ignored when scrolling in overflow div
  4. Tooltip: Fix (most) of the unit tests. Not all issues resolved, but

    jzaefferer committed May 2, 2011
    enough for testswarm results to be useful.
  5. Tooltip: Replace offset property with inline my+offset to make it easier

    jzaefferer committed May 2, 2011
    to override the offset. Fixes the odd offset in the video player demo.
    Also doesn't need units.
  6. Datepicker: bind hover events using delegate. Fixed #7256 - minimize …

    adambaratz committed with scottgonzalez Apr 15, 2011
    …event binding in Datepicker initialization.
  7. widget: Updating code for show/hide to use new effects API namespace …

    gnarf committed May 2, 2011
    …- DRY'ed out a bit as well
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
  1. Resizable: switch data: background image to valid image file, small 1…

    rdworth committed Apr 29, 2011
    …px transparent gif. Fixed #7293 - Resizable: Chrome dev tools console shows GET data: undefined (undefined)
Commits on Apr 28, 2011
  1. Tabs: update sortable demo to call refresh method. Fixes #4524 Tabs: …

    petersendidit committed with scottgonzalez Apr 28, 2011
    …Sortable demo causes bad index references