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Varnish training

This repository contains the example code for the 6-hour Varnish training I created.

This is the second iteration of the training course and was first presented at Symfony Live Berlin 2017.

The first iteration was last delivered at VarnishCon 2017 in Amsterdam and can be found in the v1 branch.


You'll need Docker to run these examples. All these examples are based on docker-compose. Each example contains a docker-compose.ymlfile.


The Docker base boxes are as minimal as possible, you won't need a lot of bandwidth to be up-and-running. The Varnish base box is a little bigger than the rest.

If you want to run an example, go through the following steps

  1. Choose an example.
  2. Run docker-compose up or docker-compose up -d to boot the setup.
  3. Go to http://localhost/ to run the example.
  4. Shut the example containers down using the docker-compose down command.

Varnishlog access

If you want access to the varnishlog binary to monitor what's happening run docker exec -ti sflive-varnish bash to access the bash shell on the container. You can then run varnishlog including all the extra parameters.

If the example contains 2 Varnish instances, run both commands in a separate shell to access the varnishlog binary of both Varnish containers:

docker exec -ti sflive-varnish bash
docker exec -ti sflive-varnish2 bash

Docker images

The docker-compose setup for each example depends on the following container images:

You can go ahead and pull these boxes using the following commands:

docker pull thijsferyn/nginx:primary
docker pull thijsferyn/nginx:secondary
docker pull thijsferyn/php:primary
docker pull thijsferyn/php:secondary
docker pull thijsferyn/varnish:base
docker pull thijsferyn/varnish:primary
docker pull thijsferyn/varnish:secondary
docker pull thijsferyn/haproxy:latest


Second iteration of my Varnish training. This version is specifically created for the Symfony Live Berlin 2017 workshop I've presented.




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