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High power induction heating platform
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Blog Update

ReactorForge - They catalyst for creation

This repository contains hardware designs, board schematics, firmware, and software for ReactorForge, an open source high power induction heater platform.

Updates, polls, etc. on this project are being posted on the new Patreon page: ReactorForge on Patreon. You can also support the future of this project there as well.

For project status, official blog, and information about hardware availability visit and be sure to read the ReactorForge Wiki.

ReactorForge Control Board - ReactorCore (photo: assembly of the beta ReactorCore, ReactorForge CriticalMass control board)

principal author: Joshua Campbell

Project Description

The ReactorForge project is an open source hardware platform for high power induction heating, designed for heavy use and reliable performance in real world applications.

Using fewer discreet components than most commercial induction heaters, the ReactorForge has less failure points and is easy to assemble. It is an open source project with all plans, schematics and code available under the creative commons BY-SA 4.0 license. This not only benefits the maker community and improves future designs but also makes self repair a possibility for those who have purchased kits, rather than relying on expensive factory repairs to proprietary commercial units.

The ReactorForge will be made available in a raw kit form and an ARU (Almost Ready to Use) kit that can be assembled in just a couple hours. Learn about high power electronics while building an awesome machine. The same systems in an induction heater also drive many of todays modern advances such as electric vehicles, renewable energy power inverters, cutting edge research equipment, and much more. Whether your goals are academic or you want to start using an induction heater today the ReactorForge project brings that within reach.

The ReactorForge costs thousands less than equivalent commercial models with features that are not available anywhere else. It has an easy one button/pedal interface for those that want simple to use set and forget type operation. But for those that want full control there are powerful features that let you monitor and regulate operation based on virtually any parameter. And since the entire platform is open source you have a head start to hacking the core (main control board).

CriticalMass Test Run

(video: Test run of the ReactorForge : CriticalMass +15Kw platform)

Safety Notice and Disclaimer

An induction heater is a high power device that should be treated with hazards similar but not limited to that of induction cooktops and welders. In addition to that, the following safety guidelines should be observed:

  • Don't wear metal jewelry, especially rings near the work coil. Heating can occur a few inches from the coil depending on its geometry.
  • Be cautious if you have metal implants, they too could heat up if held near the work coil.
  • If you have a pacemaker or other medical implants never use or be near this machine while it is in operation.
  • Keep electronics at least 12 inches from the work coil while in operation to avoid damage to these devices.
  • Never touch the work coil. Although it is isolated from dangerous mains current, there is still high power present. Holding metal objects that touch or short out the work coil will not harm the unit.
  • Wear appropriate PPE, including but not limited to safety glasses and gloves.

We hold no responsibility or liability for injury to person or damage to property should you choose to build and operate one of these machines. If you feel you are not qualified to build or operate an induction heater find someone qualified and willing to assist you.

Open Source

Creative Commons License Approved for Free Cultural Works
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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