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ReactorGraph is a Processing sketch that graphs and logs data sent over a serial connection. Processing is free to download, easy to learn and open source.

Debugging sensors on a microprocessor can be a hassle. The most common approach is to output the sensor values to a serial monitor. ReactorGraph was written in the early stages of design to help me visualize operational parameters while the induction heater was running.

Going from this: Before ReactorGraph

To this made all the difference in helping me understand the underlying processes at work. After ReactorGraph

This is also extremely helpful for control loop tuning. (PID, etc.) You can send data back to the running process, real-time, and see the results immediately in the output. It's not a priority right now, but I would like to make a user control interface. Right now all setup and configuration must be done in the rg_config.json file. Although ReactorGraph works well as is, it is continuously evolving as needed.

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