ESP8266/Arduino client to consume and display espaper-json data
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ThingPulse ESPaper client

How about designing your ESPaper content rather than programming it? You can fully customize the content to display. And load content from remote resources (calendars etc.). And much more. All with the help of

No Arduino programming required anymore!

This client here is responsible for a simple & smooth registration process and for the general update cycle:

  • connect to WiFi
  • pull image from server
  • render it
  • go back to deep sleep
  • repeat

Service level promise

This is a ThingPulse prime project. See our open-source commitment declaration for what this means.


Skip ahead to step 3 if you have been working with Arduino IDE and ESP8266 devices before.

  1. Go to and create an account. You can either use email and password for authentication or use one of the social login options.
  2. Install drivers for USB-to-Serial
  3. Prepare the Arduino IDE for ESP8266
  4. Download or clone this repository to your computer. Then open it in the Arduino IDE.
  5. Install the MiniGrafx library through the library manager in the Arduino IDE.
  6. Define the device type in settings.h:31ff. Hints: 'EDP' = ESPaper Display, '29' = 2.9''
  7. Compile and upload the sketch to your ESPaper module. Then Restart it.
  8. Follow the instructions displayed on screen.
  9. Initiate the registration process by restarting the device.
  10. Now go back to and complete registration process by adding your device.
  11. Design the screen for your device.



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