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Thingithon links etc.

Thingithon application details on TTN

I have registered an application on TTN called Thingithon. Its APPEUI is 70B3D57ED0000327 and the ACCESS KEY is mtfHdaqXFSLv0Vu2QuW38vy3XxYfuXwTaWcOWSpcaYA= which you'll need to authenticate with Mosquitto.
To subscribe to the messages on Mosquitto follow this guide or this one which offers some node.js code in addition to the mosquitto topic.

Currently there are no devices registered. They can be registered here

TTN workshop application details on TTN

We have a separate application on TTN for our workshops. Its APPEUI is 70B3D57ED000010A and the ACCESS KEY is S5i//oLLLv/TMcW8iODdWVv4oKIG/KAL/Y56u4l0soo= if you are interested in using it.

There are two devices currently associated with this application:

  • ThingInnovations Arduino Shield - which authenticates using a personalised Device ID of 0000000002011E08 - you can see its data appearing on our workshop app
  • TTN UNO - which uses Over The Air Authentication (OTAA) and has a device ID of 0004A30B001B67C9 - you can see its (fake) data appearing on our workshop app

On Mosquittio you can see both devices' data by subscribing to "70B3D57ED000010A/devices/+/up" on


Reading Hotspot

Reading Hotspot wiki - explains a bit about what the project is and how the devices work
Reading Hotspot code - repository for the Reading Hotspot project
Thingithon hotspot code - PLEASE USE THIS AREA

The Things Network

TTN UNO Tutorial - good practical step by step for connecting a TTN UNO to The Things Network
ThingInnovations Arduino Shield Workshop the workshops we have run all used this
The Things Network back end - explains how the back end works
LoraWAN overview
TTN Forum - great for support on The Things Network

Local TTN sites

Thingitude - promoting community driven IoT projects
TTN Reading - our website/wiki (may be replaced with Thingitude)

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