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#Lord of the Ring Lights!

led_camera_ring v40

I’ve used SparkFun's LumiDrive, along with one of our 3” LuMini LED Rings, to make a macro ring light. This is a light ring that attached to the lens of your camera, and evenly illuminates your subject with the light coming from the camera’s point of view. It makes it easier to avoid errant shadows when shooting close-ups. Most of them are a ring of LEDs with a diffuser lens, while some will offer an additional blue lens and orange lens, to give the resulting image a cooler or warmer look, respectively. You can purchase an inexpensive on for thirty or forty bucks, and the results will be pretty much what you would expect from that price range. On the other hand, if you’re serious about your close-up photography, you could pick up something like a Kaiser KR 90 Ring Light for just under four hundred dollars. A little more than I would spend, especially when I know I would enjoyt he challenge of creating my own. Now if you know me, you know that I believe that any project worth doing is worth overdoing. So with all of the tools at my disposal, why wouldn’t I make a macro ring light that offered 16.7 million colors?