Wide Photon Prototyping PCB
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Wide Photon ThingyStick Prototype PCB

Wide format prototype board for Particle Photon.


  • USB power in via A Connector on left edge.
  • Battery power in via JST under Photon. Do not use at the same time as power in via USB A or Photon USB.
  • Pull-up or down 1206 pads on A0-A7. Suitable for 1206 or 0805 components.
  • LED/Resistor/Capacitor 1206 pads along top edge, along both top and bottom or board (although you probably don't want both at once!)
  • 4 mounting holes (M3 machine screw) to allow board to be mounted in case for final use.
  • PCB 100mm x 40mm. Holes at 4mm from edge.