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R Engineering, training, and consulting

Hi there 👋🦄🌈🌟

ThinkR is above all a team united by a common passion: R.

Passionate about data, believing strongly in the power of open source, our team is committed every day to, and with, the user community. Coming from different backgrounds, our expeRts know how to bring a new and unique perspective on R, and hope to participate, on their own scale, in the construction of the future of the most popular language in the world of data science.

Whether you call on us for your development, training or analysis, we are here to provide you with a unique service: the one driven by a passion for a language in constant evolution, which we like to learn, relearn, but above all to make you learn and share.

Open-source contributions

Driven by the spirit of Open Source, ThinkR developers devote a part of their time to the animation of the R and Data Science community.

Our Open Source products deal with the following purposes:

  • Shiny apps practices and helpers (golemverse)
  • Package development practices and helpers
  • Development helpers
  • Projects and teams management API helpers
  • Data for teachings purpose or any other use

Demo Shiny apps & books

Some of our Shiny apps and books:


  1. golem golem Public

    A Framework for Building Robust Shiny Apps

    R 856 127

  2. engineering-shiny-book engineering-shiny-book Public

    Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps — Published in the R Series

    TeX 223 109

  3. fusen fusen Public

    Inflate your package from a simple flat Rmd

    R 141 9

  4. remedy remedy Public

    RStudio Addins to Simplify Markdown Writing

    R 449 35

  5. attachment attachment Public

    Tools to deal with dependencies in scripts, Rmd and packages

    R 106 12

  6. prepare-for-cran prepare-for-cran Public

    A Collaborative list of things to know before submitting to CRAN

    250 22


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