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Releases: ThinkR-open/golem

v 0.4.0

10 Mar 12:55
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.3.5...v0.4.0

v 0.3.5

08 Dec 10:18
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update Rbuildignore

v 0.3.4

18 Oct 06:51
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golem 0.3.4

Update in the tests for CRAN.


13 Jul 12:35
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  • This release includes the support for the creation of Dockerfiles with {renv)


09 Mar 11:48
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What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.3.1...v0.3.2

golem 0.3.1

17 Apr 21:58
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New functions


  • You can now create a skeleton for a Shiny input binding using the golem::add_js_binding("name") function (#452, @DivadNojnarg)

  • You can now create a skeleton for a Shiny output binding using the golem::add_js_output_binding("name") function (@DivadNojnarg)

  • add_html_template() creates an htmlTemplate.


  • use_external_file() allows to add any file to the www folder, use_external_css_file(), use_external_html_template(), and use_external_js_file() will download them from a URL (#295, #491).

  • use_internal_css_file(), use_internal_file(), use_internal_html_template(), use_internal_js_file() functions allow to any file from the current computer to the www folder (@KasperThystrup, #529)

Tests helper

  • expect_running() expects the current shiny app to be running.


  • Every {golem} project now have a project_hook that is launched after the project creation.

  • module_template() is the default function for {golem} module creation. Users will now be able to define a custom module_template() function for add_module(), allowing to extend {golem} with your own module creation function. See ?golem::module_template for more info (#365)

  • add_js_ and add_css_ functions now have a template function, allowing to pass a file constructor.


  • is_running() checks if the current running application is a {golem} based application (#366)

  • utils_ui.R now contains a "make_action_button()" function (#457, @DivadNojnarg)

  • run_dev() launches the run_dev.R script (#478, @KoderKow)

  • run_dev() performs a check on golem name.

  • sanity_check() function has been added to check for any 'browser()' or commented #TODO / #TOFIX / #BUG in the code (#1354 @Swechhya)

New features

  • The modules are now created with the new skeleton when the installed version of {shiny} is >= 1.5.0.

  • use_external_*() function don't open files by default (#404)

  • use_recommended_tests*() now calls use_spell_check() (#430)

  • The 02_dev.R now includes more CI links

  • golem::expect_running() is now bundled in default tests

  • Default tests now test for functions formals (#437)

  • You can now pass arguments to internal roxygenise() & load_all() (#467)

  • Bundle_resources() now handle subfolders (#446)

  • run_app() now includes the default arguments of shinyApp() (#254, @chasemc)

  • create_golem() now adds strict dependency versions (#466)

  • {golem} app now comes with a meta tags "app-builder", which default to "golem", and that can be changed or turn off in bundle_resources().

  • with_golem_options can now explicit calls print on the app object, solving some issues with benchmarking the application. This explicit print can be turned off by setting print to FALSE in with_golem_options (#148)

  • dockerignore is now available.

  • The add_helpers and add_utils now have roxygen comments (Richard Pilbery, #330)

  • dev/03_dev.R now has devtools::build() (#603)

  • detach_all_attached() is now silent (#605)

Soft deprecated

  • add_ui_server_files() is now signaled as deprecated. Please comment on #445 if you want it to be kept inside the package

Breaking changes

  • add_dockerfile* function now return the {dockerfiler} object instead of the path to it. It allows to modify the Dockerfile object programmatically. (#493)

  • The get_golem_config now first look for a GOLEM_CONFIG_ACTIVE before looking for R_CONFIG_ACTIVE (#563)

Bug fix

  • add_ functions no longer append to file if it already exists (#393)

  • config::get() is no longer exported to prevent namespace conflicts with base::get()

  • fixed issue with favicon when package is built (#387)

  • use_external_*() function don't add ext if already there (#405)

  • create_golem function does not modify any existing file (#423, @antoine-sachet)

  • add_resources_path() now correctly handles empty folder (#395)

  • test for app launching is now skipped if not interactive()

  • add_utils and add_fct now print to the console (#427, @novica)

  • Multiple CRAN repo are now correctly passed to the Dockerfile (#462)

  • app_config, DESC and golem-config.yml are now updated whenever you change the name of the package using a golem function (#469 )

  • test_recommended now work in every case (hopefully)

  • usethis::use_mit_license does not have the name argument anymore so if fits new version of {usethis} (#594)

  • Typo fix preventing invoke_js("prompt") and invoke_js("confirm") to work (#606)

Internal changes

  • document_and_reload() now has export_all = FALSE,helpers = FALSE,attach_testthat = FALSE, allowing the function to behave more closely to what library() does (#399)

  • Dockerfile generation now removes the copied file and tar.gz

golem 0.2.1

05 Mar 16:38
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This release matches the CRAN release of {golem} v 0.2.1

golem (v0.1) A Framework for Building Robust Shiny Apps

05 Aug 20:30
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