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RConsortium ISC Proposal — "Rebooting and Extending R for Neo4J"
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This is the repo for ThinkR ISC proposal, "Rebooting and Extending R for Neo4J"

See the proposal

Read the proposal at

How can I help?

You can help us on this proposal through several ways :

  • Proof reading the proposal

Refer to this issue

  • Listing yourself as a beta tester, if you know a little bit of Neo4J and R

Refer to this issue

  • Sharing this proposal to the world ;)

If ever you have any other idea to help us on this project, feel free to reach out to us: send an email at, or open an issue, or tweet us at : /


The deadline for submitting the proposal being Sunday April 1, 2018, we plan on sending everything around the 29th.

Random discussion / Comments

Feel free to leave comments or question on this issue

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