an R and Rstudio wrapper for toggl Api
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An R and Rstudio wrapper for toggl Api.

Installation of togglr



From Github

if (!requireNamespace("devtools")){install.packages("devtools")}

Set toggl Api token

Go on website :


then select and copy your token api at the bottom of the page.


You just need to do this once.

Start the tracking system

Without any parameters it will create a new project using your Rstudio project name.


By default the client name is "without client" you can choose (and eventualy create a client) by using :

toggl_start(client = "my client")

But you can also choose the task and the project

toggl_start(client = "my client",
            description = "what I'm doing",
            project_name = "my project")

Stop the tracking system


Get total time passed on the current project

get_current_duration()# the current track
get_project_task_detail()# all the project (including the current track)

Get all your dashboard


Use Rstudio Addins

This package comes with 2 Rstudio addins 'start toggl' and 'stop toggl', feel free to use keybindings for convenience.

Some other uselfull functions are in this package