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1.1 - 10 Sept 2012

  • New feature! The Foursquare plugin captures checkins, photos, and comments. The dashboard includes a map of last week's checkins, the rate of checkins by hour over the last week compared to all time, pie charts of the types of places you check into, and a list of checkins on this day in years past. You an also export your checkins to a CSV file.
  • New Twitter, Facebook, Google+ "Time Machine" dashboard module: Posts published on this day in years past.
  • Bugfix: Fixed installation URL in Facebook reauthorization email notification text.
  • Bugfix: Check if service user is marked as public in ThinkUp before displaying individual post page data.
  • Bugfix: Improved error message when Twitter API endpoint is unreachable.
  • Bugfix: All DAO queries function when MySQL strict mode is enabled (no more "General error: 1364 Field 'x' doesn't have a default value" message).
  • Bugfix: Fixed several bugs which resulted in PHP notices and errors.


  • All MySQL tables are now fully commented.
  • Moved DAO files into dedicated folder.
  • Added Polygon and Point support to FixtureBuilder library.
  • Added Travis PHP 5.4 testing in addition to PHP 5.2 and 5.3.
  • Fixed bug in the Plugin Maker which called deprecated code.
  • Several code style fixes; added missing DAO profiler calls.
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