Add class names for services and accounts to every insight and username link #1451

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anildash commented Jan 15, 2013

We should know which service (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) an insight is attached to , as well as which individual service user account (@username) is addressed in the insight. This will let us customize CSS and javascript to different kinds of insights.


ginatrapani commented Jan 21, 2013

What should the resulting CSS look like here? How should we handle things like usernames with spaces (FB and G+)?

class="Gina_Trapani Google+"


anildash commented Jan 22, 2013

think the simplest thing to do is normalize to all lowercase with underscores and prefixed with user-, and service names are probably of the form service-facebook or service-googleplus. So:

class="user user-gina_trapani service service-googleplus"

Sounds good. I pondered on reading user/service twice but thought on about how a username could resolve literally as 'user' or 'service' and that by pre-pending the actual username/servicename in the suggested manner, TU can not for example, end up with 'user user', indeed only 'user user-user' can ever result, which is good for CSS/JS selectors.

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