[GSOC 2013] ThinkUp Youtube Plugin Proposal

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ThinkUp is a powerful app which provides a newsfeeds of insights of user activities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Its pluggable platform allows it to fetch data from another data source. Youtube Data API can fetch information like comments,like, views and other relevant information which would be fetched in ThinkUp system.

I have successfully completed my Google Summer of Code 2012 project with new vision so i am familiar with its timelines, deliverables etc. I also have experience with various Google API's used in my project. Having a youtube plugin will be a plus for ThinkUp. I am exploring Youtube Data API to figure out what else it can provide to ThinkUp.

For this time I am trying to build a system that fetches information from Youtube into my system. I will share the details as soon as i build up some prototype.

I will keep on updating this page.