[GSoC 2013] Bhavesh Sharma YouTube plugin proposal

bhaveshbhu edited this page Apr 26, 2013 · 4 revisions

I am giving my new ideas regrading YouTube Plugin Development:

Phase I

--> Getting Access for the ThinkUp to access User's Data --> Using YouTube API can be used to fetch : ----ViewCount ----Likes ----Dislikes ----Subscribers ----Average Minutes watched

Phase II

  1. Performance Index : It may be calculated to give OverAll performance of the video ,eg lets me use give a formula 0.6*(Likes)+0.4*(ViewCount) .We can Think of a more Complex function involving likes ,dislikes,viewCount ,comments-count , average minutes watched etc.

  2. Location Index : It gives the distribution of the variation of the number of views throughout the world

  3. Location-Like Index : It gives a Index which tells the distribution of Likes through various Countries or various locations of same country /state.

  4. Gender Index : Create Insights giving number of Male/Female users .

  5. Age vs Gender Index : This gives the distibution of popularity of video based on Age and Gender .

  6. Playing device Index : It gives index describing the video being watched on www.youtube.com or via other mobile devices.

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