[GSoC 2013] Nadeem Shaik's YouTube Plugin Proposal

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Personal Information

Name: Nadeem Shaik

Email: nadeemskv@gmail.com

College: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra. (Time zone: (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi)

Twitter Username: shaiknadeem

LinkedIn: in.linkedin.com/pub/nadeem-shaik/42/210/905/


What would you like to do?

I would like to work on developing the YouTube Plugin for ThinkUp.

Why did you choose this particular project?

YouTube is world’s top video streaming portal. It has turned itself as a source of major income for lots of people. And by lots I mean millions. So when people want to go for earning this way, they would surely want someone or something to keep track of what’s happening to their videos. I feel the following insights will be of great interest to the people :

1.Money Twister

What is your biggest source of your income. Which videos tend to lose subscribers. Which seem to attract more people. It is necessary to know all this info as this will tell you what genre of videos your target audience like the most or hate the most. This will help you rethink about your strategies of producing and uploading videos because in this situation, it is more necessary to fulfill the audiences desire than yours....

Money Twister

2.Global Popularity

What part of the world do your major viewers come from. Which videos do they like more. What are the most favoring countries. This one insight will tell them all.

You have foreign viewers...that means you have foreign outreach which can help spread your videos even more. Reorganize your strategies to help maintain this outreach..

Global Popularity Insight

3.Best allies

Who are your best allies. Which sites get your videos the maximum hits , shares, likes etc. Are all your allies faithful to you. This little detective will tell them all...You might be relying on wrong source for publicity of your videos. Your might be wasting your valuable resources on the one you should never have trusted...but not anymore...

Best allies insight

4.Rush Hour

Which source get create the maximum rush(traffic) for your videos. Do you need to rethink your strategies...may be yes. All traffic sources do not work alike. Videos under YouTube referrals seem to always get more hits. So are you wasting your resources by engagin into other sources of traffics....may be it is time to rethink your strategies.

Rush Hour insight

5.Viral Fever

Who is your target audience. Is it the same age group of people who watch your video the most as you think. Is there some other elder generation who find your videos more interesting than the youngsters...Do you need to focus your attention on developing videos from them?? Of Course you should. This insight will tell you for which group you need to do it for. This is a trivial necessity as you need to have your target audience in your grip.

Viral Fever insight

You can check out some sample implementations here : Sample Insight Visual implementations .I have implemented some raw insight visuals here. YouTube Analytics API and YouTube Data API together has been used here for this purpose. The analytics API is the actual a goodie here. It provides all the demographics required for our apps plugin like geo-location density of viewers, viewer platform etc. Finally the user will have his cumulative analysis based on all his videos given to him.

How will this be useful to other people?

This plugin will be very useful for the people who are active users of YouTube. Especially for the people who upload videos on YouTube this will be really very useful as now they can keep track on the visual statistics of various videos available. Their viewers, popularity of their videos, regions of the worlds from where their videos are more popular etc. All these will help them analyse and improve their strategies.

Are you competent enough to complete the project?

Yes, I am surely good enough for this Job. I have been working with YouTube API, OAuth and OpenID authentications, M.V.C frameworks (Worked with Codeigniter for a long time). I am pretty good with basic stuff like PHP, JQuery, MySQL, AJAX, and a lot of stuff. I have never developed for an Open Source Organization before and I see GSOC and this project with ThinkUp as a chance to contribute to the Open Source world; and more importantly, I want to learn.

What do you hope to gain while working on ThinkUp during Google Summer of Code?

I see this contribution for ThinkUp as a chance to enter the world of Open Source development. Also I would like to learn more about ThinkUp, to be able to build some more app for startups I work with using ThinkUp API, so that they can have their own social analytic (Especially for Facebook).


Present - May 27 : Get through with documentation

May 28 – June 15 : Go through base code and discuss possible questions with the mentors

June 16 – June 29 : Add YouTube Data API to the plugin base code(Including Authentications)

June 30 – July 13 : Add YouTube Analytic API to the Plugin base code (Including Authentications)

July 14 – July 20 : Check for errors and document

July 21 – August 3 : Start building the insight's GUI interfaces for different analytic tools

Aug 4 – Aug 10 : Integrate the GUI with back-end code

Aug 11 – Aug 17 : Check for errors and document

Aug 18 – Aug 31 : Build the algorithm for cumulative analysis of user and integrate it

Sept 1 – Sept 7 : Integrate the whole plugin with the App and check for errors

Sept 7 - Sept 23 : Give final touch ups, build and run test cases and beautify the App

I am considering GSoC as a full time job for this summer and I don’t have any other commitments whatsoever. I am planning on spending 3 hours a day i.e. around 20 hours a week as I feel that must be sufficient. As coding is all that I am doing this summer I have no issues in extending the time if necessary. These 3 hours will be fixed time of the day so that I can collaborate with my mentor easily and avoid any inconvenience. The others hours of the day will be spent for coding for the same though the number of hours may vary.

Brief explanation of the Timeline:

  1.  I will start by going through the documentation and then the base code of the core files.
  2.  I will start integrating the YouTube Data API and the Analytics API. For the time being, these only gives the results without any source to display them.
  3.  I start building the UI elements to display the data. BootStarp and the power of LESS will be used to beautify the UI elements.
  4.  I will integrate them with the available data sources.
  5.  I will then start building the final part i.e. the cumulative analysis for the given user.
  6.  I will finally integrate everything and check for errors.

    I have given enough time for documentation and for checking for errors. I felt it is necessary so that we will not have to rush in the last minute.

###About Me

My name is Nadeem Shaik and I am a second year undergraduate student studying at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and am currently pursuing my B.Tech. (Hons) in Computer Science and Engineering.

I have been into the web development field for a great deal of time now and have loved it a lot. I am pretty good at HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX and have also been working with Node.JS and Web Sockets for a while. I have learnt about frameworks, MVC pattern and active records when I worked with Codeigniter. I am also familiar with UI frameworks like JQueryUI and Bootstrap.

As far as API are concerned, I have worked with Twitter Geo API(for making an app that filters tweets based on geo location), YouTube Data API(for making an app to capture likes from Facebook and display his playlist from YouTube videos based on his likes), Facebook Graph API(for learning about it), some other messaging API to build some messaging portals etc. Apart from web technologies, I have also been working with JAVA, C++ and C#.

I can surely complete the project within the given timeframe as I have enough skills and enthusiasm to do it. I am the Web Team Head at Spring Fest- I.I.T. Kharagpur and have worked on many huge projects for many startups too. I see this project as a great opportunity for myself as learning new things is what I crave for.

Recently I created an App for the Yahoo HACKU competition. Here is the link to the repository.


About the App: This is an online whiteboard which works using canvas and websockets. A Node.JS back end runs the server to handle the socket requests. People can chat (it also had a chat room) and draw in real-time with zero observable lag and explain things to each other just like a white board. The real challenge was that we had to make this in one day and one night.

Please feel free to ask me to produce my previous works relating to any skill I mentioned above.

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