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Update (Nov 2011): ThinkUp 1.0 is now available! Therefore, this document has been deprecated.

In the coming weeks, the ThinkUp community's main goal is to grow the ThinkUp application from beta to a version 1.0 release. Time to focus! This roadmap outlines what our "run to one" path looks like.

As of writing, ThinkUp has about 30 open issues on its 1.0 Release Candidate critical path. Browse the full list here.

Taking Pull Requests for 1.0 Issues Now

As of April 25, 2011, all pull requests related to closing 1.0 issues will get top priority. All other new features that aren't on the 1.0RC critical path may well get put off until after our 1.0 release.

That said, if you build an awesome feature in time for the 1.0 release that's fully tested, documented, peer-reviewed, and passes muster, it may get merged. But Gina and the Expert Labs team will focus their dev and code review time on 1.0 issues until release.

What Makes Version 1.0?

We define version 1.0 as software which is:

  • Feature-complete. All major, initial features of the software are built.
  • Documentation-complete. All major user and developer documentation is written and published.
  • Reasonably bug-free. All major known bugs are fixed.
  • Security-hardened. The software implements best practices around security and privacy. All major, known security and privacy bugs are fixed, and best practices for software administrators are well-documented.

What's Left TODO for Version 1.0?

The best place to see exactly what needs to be done for our 1.0RC is in the issue tracker. But, here's a skimmable overview.

New Features to Build

  • User invitation system (in progress)
  • New version alert notifications (in progress)
  • Contextual help framework (in progress)
  • Twitter Realtime/Streaming support (in progress)
  • Facebook plugin parity with Twitter
  • Extensible data structure for new plugins (in progress)

Documentation to Write

Major Known Bugs to Fix

  • Timezone "updated 15 hours ago" bug
  • SlickGrid pop-up vs inset style and other bugfixes
  • Embed Thread bugfixes

Security Hardening

  • Clean JavaScript form input to avoid XSS vulnerabilities
  • Decouple API auth key from user password
  • Fully support https installations
  • Add the ability to turn off JSON API access

Will This TODO List Change?

Expert Labs may shuffle around the 1.0 issue list if there's a good case for removing or adding an item to it. If you want to make a case for a particular change, we're all ears--please do. Of course, if a major bug with any current feature arises, it will get added to the 1.0 todo list as well.

How You Can Help

Dive into the 1.0 Release Candidate issues, claim one for yourself, write the patch to close it, and send on your pull request. Once we release 1.0, we can move onto bigger and better goals detailed in the in our overall application roadmap, About: ThinkUp Roadmap.

Thanks for your help!