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1)Capture likes, comments, and views on YouTube videos. It doesnt requirement authentication and data can be pulled in a single request. Comments{VIDEO_ID}/comments Likes Dislikes and Ratings can be obtained from a call like{VIDEO_ID}?v=2
which would return XML ,which can be parsed for required results.

2)Go through the videos uploaded by the user using this endpoint{USERNAME}/uploads?orderby?v=viewCount

Show statistics like no . of videos uploaded, average no. of views per video , average no. of likes/dislikes per video ,Time Since Last video Upload so on and so forth.

  1. Use metrics associated with latest API version

Provide statistics based on various parameters .(For example. 56% of the likes were from Male )

4)Integrating geographical and demographic information along with the above mentioned information could make it really interactive. Your maximum video likes are from country USA.

5)Google Charts API Along with it we would also introduce graphs and charts to demonstrate the data in an appealing manner. Google Chart API

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