Developer Guide: How to Change the Database Structure

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If you need to alter the structure of the ThinkUp database, here’s how.

Step 1. Create Your Migration Script

In the sql/mysql_migrations/ folder, create a new .sql file. The name should include the date, issue number, and a short description of what you’re doing.

For example, if I’m altering the database for my work on issue #200 on May 3, 2010 and I want to add a field called my_field to the posts table, I’d create a file called: 2010-05-03_add-myfield-to-posts_issue200.sql.

In that file, add the SQL alter statements. For example, ALTER TABLE tu_posts ADD myfield VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL;.

Step 2. Regenerate the Database Creation Script

Once you have confirmed that your migration script works, regenerate the sql/build-db_mysql.sql file using the automated migratedb shell script. Never edit the build-db_mysql.sql file by hand.

To do so, run the extras/scripts/migratedb script at the command line. First you’ll need to create and edit your configuration file. Check out the README for instructions on how to do that.

Run ThinkUp’s tests to make sure the database creation script works. When you commit your work, make sure you add both the new migration file, and the auto-generated build-db_mysql.sql file.

There is no step 3.