Front end and back end optimization

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Background Info:

Name: Aarti Narayanan

Email address (the one you used to post on ThinkUp mailing lists):

What university/college are you currently enrolled in? University of Michigan

What city, country and timezone will you spend this summer in? Eastern Time

What are your web site, blog, Google Profile, and/or professional URLs? Under construction

Previous Experience: I am relatively new to the open-source world, so this project will potentially be my first! I switched majors from chemical engineering to computer science engineering this year, and have a working knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, and CSS as well as C and Scala (I have yet to seriously mess around with Scala and build something using it). Although I do not have extensive experience, I am a fast learner and would really like to put my existing skills to work and positively contribute to a project. I will work hard to make a productive contribution while learning a lot!

Potential Contribution: I would like to work on the front-end optimization for ThinkUp’s mobile and desktop platform. I understand JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS and would like to gain experience making it work faster. I plan on automating tests for this purpose and working with Bootstrap to speed up the ThinkUp experience.

I am also a very nice person.

Summer Schedule: I am free the entire summer, and am ready to work on this project full time.

Projected Timeline:

May 27: Accepted student proposals announced.

May 27 - June 16: Preparation- look into consolidation techniques and become familiar with Bootstrap, I have also been studying the iOS platform- hopefully will be of use when creating tests to optimize front-end of mobile UI

June 17: Internship begins.

June 17 - July 15: test methods to expand SQL query profiler

July 16 - August 12: test out a few SQL performance tests

July 29 - August 2: Mid-term evaluation.

August 3 - September 9: set up performance tests for JavaScript and CSS on mobile platform and desktop platform

August 4 - September 22: make sure tests are working and helpful/productive to development, expand on performance tests

September 23-29: Final evaluation.

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