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IRC is a simple group chat system used by many open source projects to help users communicate and support each other, and to enable developers to collaborate. ThinkUp has its own IRC channel where users and developers hang out.

Getting Help On IRC

When you connect to the ThinkUp IRC channel, go ahead and ask your question. Be patient if no one answers right away! Unless you happen to join when a conversation is already happening, it's not likely that anyone has their eyes on the channel at the moment so it may take a few minutes for someone to see and respond to your question.

You may want to do other things while you wait, like reviewing our list of known problems and solutions or searching the mailing list for information related to your question.

ThinkUp IRC Channel

If you know how to use IRC, here's the basic info you'll need:

  • IRC Server:
  • Channel/Room: #thinkup
  • Port: 6667 (Default)

If you don't have an IRC program, you can visit on the web to chat right in your web browser. A list of popular IRC programs can be found in Wikipedia's IRC article and you can find more information about using IRC at

Here are some screenshots of setting up Colloquy (a popular IRC program for Macintosh computers) to work with the ThinkUp IRC channel:

New Connection


Chat room

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