Installation OpenShift

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OpenShift is the PaaS service by RedHat combining completely open platform (there are no site specific APIs, just run your standard PHP/Python/Ruby/etc./orwhatever-else app in virtual environment) with possibility to upgrade to the professionally supported platform. However, the basic account (with three gears and without autoscaling) is free and there is no push to upscale you without reason.

Whole configuration is highly git-centric. You get a git repo in the system and everything is pushed to the server via git.

Installation instructions

  • Create OpenShift application in normal way. You need plain PHP, MySQL, and Cron cartridges enabled. For more instructions about creating a new app on OpenShift see helpful documentation . Record somewhere all database administration details required later.
  • fork Gina’s repository
  • Then do these steps
rm -rf php
git submodule add php # to clone your personal fork as php directory
cd php ; git checkout -b configuration
curl -L -o configuration.patch
git apply configuration.patch
# modify webapp/ (especially in the database area) to suit your needs
# see for more
git add -A .
git commit -m 'Configuration changes'
git push -u origin configuration
# for later updates; remember, you need to rebase your changes on the top of the current code, not merge
git remote add upstream
cd ..
git add -A .
# notice, we want our OpenShift repo point to OUR branch in our fork, NOT to the Gina’s repo
git commit -m 'ThinkUp included as a submodule'
git push

Now the instance should be up and running, follow the User Guide for more.