Installation: Local Computer

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ThinkUp works most smoothly on a public web server, but it’s best not to develop on or expose alpha code to the public web.

The Problem: Public Authorization URLs

The Twitter plugin requires a public URL to OAuth-authorize your ThinkUp installation. If you’re installing ThinkUp on a local computer that’s behind a firewall, your ThinkUp callback URL won’t work because it’s not reachable on a public web server.

The Workaround Solution: Redirect from a Public Page

A page on your public web server can redirect Twitter’s OAuth token to your local computer. If you’ve got a local ThinkUp installation, save this one page on your public web server and edit it to redirect to your local instance.

header( 'Location: http://localhost/thinkup/account/?p=twitter&oauth_token='.$_GET['oauth_token'].'#manage_plugin' ) ;
// http://localhost/thinkup is the URL to access thinkup on your local server.

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