Plugins: How to Build a ThinkUp Plugin

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Check the Twitter and Facebook plugins for examples of the state of the art of a ThinkUp plugin.

A plugin is located in /path/to/thinkup/webapp/plugin/pluginname/. Some notes on directories within a plugin directory:

  • assets: Like the main webapp, assets is where you store images, CSS, and JS for your plugin.
  • controller: This directory contains the guts of your plugin, and all PHP files in this directory get auto-included in ThinkUp at runtime. Here you define the functions that run your plugin, and register them with the Crawler and Webapp objects.
  • tests: All your plugin's model and controller methods should have regression tests. Include the tests in this directory, and any test data in the testdata directory.
  • view: Your plugin's Smarty templates live here.
  • Any other files in your plugin's directory will be available as regular web pages, like authorization callback URLs.
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