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Personal Information:

Name: Vinh Phu Vu

Email address (the one you used to post on ThinkUp mailing lists):

What university/college are you currently enrolled in? University of Kentucky

What city, country and timezone will you spend this summer in? Seattle, WA, USA; Pacific Time Zone

What's your Twitter username? vpvu222

What are your web site, blog, Google Profile, and/or professional URLs? None at the moment

Your Coding Skills:

My main language of choice is C# and I have extensive experience also with C++. I have worked with php mainly through my databases class. In that I worked with php and mysql using twitter bootstrap to design and run the front end. I have worked with javascript through the Unity3d engine on personal things. I can also use python.

Please provide a brief bio / overview of your background.

Other than personal projects I have worked on one game, Tower of Elements. I worked with a company here in Lexington Kentucky named FrogDice. I did the front end work of the game using a mix of javascript and C# and using the NGUI library that is made for Unity3D. The game can be viewed at

What is the extent of your PHP/web/MySQL/JavaScript experience?

My php experience and mysql experience is purely though my web programming and database classes. You can view project from the class here: however it was done in only 48 hours. In javascript I have experience from doing quick standalone scripts in Unity3d.

What aspect of ThinkUp would you like to work on and why? Choose from the Ideas page or suggest your own.

I would like to work the localization of this website. I feel that the world needs access to the same programs that English speaking countries have. The world is a big place and Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language on the planet. By opening the world to this project I feel it'll help the project grow and be more successful.

Why did you choose this specific idea? What makes you suited to complete this project?

I am an international student here in America and in my life I have learned several Languages: I know Vietnamese, English, Cantonese, Mandarin and German fluently. I know how languages work and have experience with different kinds. I want to be able to take my knowledge of languages and really apply it using my knowledge of programming and software. This project allows me to do this.

What do you hope to gain while working on ThinkUp during Google Summer of Code?

I hope to gain more experience that I can use for my resume. I also hope to gain a project that I can spend my time on this summer and maybe even further in the future.

Summer Schedule:

I am free the entire summer.

We expect you to spend as much time on ThinkUp work as you would at a full-time job during the program. How many hours per week will you work on ThinkUp?

I am free this summer and will be able to spend easily 40-70 hours a week on my project.

Please provide a schedule of how you will spend this time on subtasks of the project. While this is only preliminary, you will be required to provide a detailed plan latest at the beginning of GSoC. During the project, you will issue weekly progress reports against that plan.

Goal One: Localize the website by making it string based with nothing hardcoded. The website itself should be entirely translatable. This is done by translating all parts of the site and storing them. The website should simply pull these strings based on the language setting. This allows the website to be translated into any language by using a translator.

Goal Two: Make the site be able to sort given content by Language. It pulls information from a social network and should be able to show people information about their given language while discarding things they won’t understand. This gives them a personal and unified experience.

Goal Three: Give the website the power to use languages that may not use a Latin alphabet. I'm unsure if this has yet be done which is why I am leaving it for my last goal. The site should be able to analyze information from other languages (including possibly foreign website support) just as well as it does English. I want to give the site the power to do this.

Please list any summer classes, vacations or other commitments that you'll need to work around. Get Set Up:

The only commitment I have is moving back to Kentucky the beginning of August. This will take about 3 days of my time.

Install ThinkUp on your local or public web server and capture your social data. Pull the git repository and run ThinkUp's test suite. If you need help, ask on the mailing list or in the IRC channel. Report success on the mailing list, and include a link to that report. Link Coming Soon