ThinkUp Summer 2011 Mentor Program

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Program Goal: To pair up a newcomer and a veteran to complete a specific ThinkUp-related project with a predefined deliverable by September 1st.

Suggested Timeframe: June 1, 2011 to July 31, 2011 (approximately 8 weeks). This timeframe is negotiable--a mentor/mentee pair could decide on a different timeframe depending on their schedules.

Prizes: Successful pairs who graduate from the mentor program with an accepted deliverable by September 1st get a Featured Contributor post on the Expert Labs blog, whuffie, bragging rights, a resume item with references from an Expert Labs employee, as well as Nerd Merit badges plus a few yet-to-be-determined goodies courtesy of Expert Labs.

Time Commitment: In general, mentees should plan to spend about 5-10 hours a week during the program working on their ThinkUp project. Mentors should plan to spend at least 1-3 hours a week for mentee chats and progress/code review. Pairs should plan to have at least 1 one-on-one Skype/IM conversation per week to check in on progress and share screens to solve problems collaboratively.