ThinkUp Talks: The ThinkUp Podcast

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ThinkUp Talks is a monthly discussion among ThinkUp developers and users. It is recorded live and available as a podcast. A brand new site, is beginning to collect all the information in one place.

Listening to Recorded ThinkUp Talks

ThinkUp Talks is now available on the iTunes podcast directory or you can subscribe to it in iTunes via itpc:// or in other podcatchers via

Listening Live to ThinkUp Talks

ThinkUp Talks is typically recorded on the second Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. Pacific Time Zone (12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, 4 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time) but the latest schedule is available at or

You can listen live with a browser widget at

You can read and participate in the text chat at . See also the IRC page for alternative connection methods.

Making your voice heard on ThinkUp Talks

To speak during the recording of ThinkUp Talks, you can use Skype, a SIP client or Google Talk (Gtalk). Please check for the various ways to join the discussion. You can also leave comments via a "Call Me widget" on that page.

(Geeks: The Skype number is bridged to SIP, so calling via SIP will usually be more stable and sound better, but if you use Skype a lot and have it set up properly, it's fine.)

Letting others know your name as you listen live to ThinkUp Talks

If you register for a free account at everyone who is also listening live to ThinkUp Talks will be able to see the screen name of your choice rather than "guest". During sign up you will give yourself a random 10 digit PIN number which can be used with your SIP client to sign is as you rather that "guest".

Using Linphone as your SIP client during ThinkUp Talks

You are welcome to use any SIP client to participate in ThinkUp Talks, but Linphone is recommended. It is free and open source and can be downloaded from

After installing Linphone, about 10 minutes prior to show, please test your connection by launching Linphone entering the SIP URI and clicking the large green "connect" button.

If you would like to connect as "guest" you'll use a SIP URI that looks something like this:

If you would like to connect with your TalkShoe account (so that people can see your screen name rather than "guest") replace #1 with the PIN you set up above. In the example below, the PIN is 1234567890:

Please press the mute button and only unmute when you wish to talk. It is best to use headphones so that while you are unmuted and waiting to speak, the conversation is not piped from your speakers into your unmuted microphone, which will cause an echo.