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@ginatrapani ginatrapani Updated Google Summer of Code 2015 Ideas Page (textile) d6598f1
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Adapted 2014 ideas page for 2015 8e58a98
@karan173 karan173 Corrected url for thinkup google group. acdef3b
@bqk- bqk- Destroyed [GSOC 2013] Thibault Miclo's Localize ThinkUp Proposal (markdown) e5554c4
@anildash anildash Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) 9458b70
@anildash anildash Complete documenting color schemes 976adc0
@anildash anildash Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) 8cb72c5
@anildash anildash First take on adding in new color palette for reference. 944a8ad
@geecko86 geecko86 Fixed bullet points b7110e8
@geecko86 geecko86 Original Submission 406eb21
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Updated Google Summer of Code 2014 Ideas Page (textile) e3946a8
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Add Scrutinizer and Travis links 36c6e83
@ginatrapani ginatrapani First draft dc7234f
@Nagakamatchi Nagakamatchi Created smie (markdown) 4bcd233
@mcepl mcepl Add link to OpenShift installation instructions 7e9187b
@mcepl mcepl Updated Installation OpenShift (rest) af14f74
@mcepl mcepl Updated Installation OpenShift (rest) 410d593
@mcepl mcepl Updated Installation OpenShift (rest) d04d621
@mcepl mcepl The first draft of the OpenShift installation instructions. 71beca6
@cdmoyer cdmoyer Updated Installation: Local Computer (textile) cf21819
@anildash anildash Updated Home (textile) 95dbee8
@anildash anildash Updated Home (textile) a7277b9
@anildash anildash Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) 427b3e5
@su su Used Hextractor to grab all color values from insights.css; this could probably be cleaned up. Have NOT gotten colors from Bootstrap, some of which filter down(eg. links). 1eb998d
@su su Using a dummy image gen service to provide swatches. Might eventually want to find something self-hosted/client side instead. bb8df38
@su su Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) e325fcf
@anildash anildash Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) 4878b12
@anildash anildash Updated Insight Style Guide (markdown) 12685d6
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Added color palette 767e280
@ginatrapani ginatrapani Passive voice d3ff56c
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