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~GSoC2010: Sean Cronin's Quick Install Proposal

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h1. Proposal

Goal: Create an already prepared, no-fuss, no-muss download to get started with ThinkTank (just add water!).

Two Options:

  1. Thinktank Virtual Machine
  2. Portable Thinktank

"Mailing list thread":

h2. Thinktank Virtual Machine

Get a working installation setup in a Virtualbox VM, possibly with an update script to make it easier for people to update to the latest version. Then, export the VM and put it up somewhere people can download it. People can then download it, import it into Virtualbox, and start using it right away.

h2. Portable Thinktank

Create a package that incorporates the XAMPP server and Thinktank together. Again, it would be mostly preconfigured so that all the user would have to do is put it on their usb drive, configure a few preferences, and run it. This could be useful for people who are concerned about privacy, or who simply want to develop on the go.

h2. Possible issues and solutions

h3. Local Callback URL

Since Twitter has some limitations on callback urls, it is not possible to set the callback url to http://localhost/webapp/ However, there are two workarounds for this.

  1. Create a public webpage that redirects to the local installation. Then, enter that public url as the callback url.
  2. It appears that Twitter will accept local callback urls of the form: Simply enter it in as the callback url for the Twitter application
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