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Remove single char insert, it is problematic

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1 parent 7efbba3 commit 99b43660b3a81cbe9fdb758008a61493429b484f @bigjason bigjason committed Apr 20, 2012
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@@ -106,14 +106,6 @@ inoremap <Nul> <C-n>
" Apply the . command to all selected lines in visual mode
vnoremap <Leader>. :normal.<cr>
-" Single Char insert from normal mode.
-function! RepeatChar(char, count)
- " TODO: Needs a friendly prompt
- return repeat(a:char, a:count)
-nnoremap <Space> :<C-U>exec "normal i".RepeatChar(nr2char(getchar()), v:count1)<CR>
-nnoremap <Leader><Space> :<C-U>exec "normal a".RepeatChar(nr2char(getchar()), v:count1)<CR>
" Insert a hash rocket with <c-l>
imap <c-l> <space>=><space>

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