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Bootcamp Finder

All the data used in Thinkful's Bootcamp Finder tool.


To update the data for your bootcamp, fork this repo and make a pull request.


We ask that only employees or those closely affiliated with a bootcamp update its data. Once a PR is submitted, Thinkful will verify the data and push the changes live. If you have any questions please contact

Adding a school

Copy the file structure of a bootcamp’s folder and fill out the data according to the specifics below. Then create a PR adding that folder to the main ‘bootcamps’ directory.

For now - we are only accepting bootcamp programs that teach programming and design.

Updating your logo

There is no file size or dimension limit, but a good logo will be large enough to look sharp on retina displays, while being small enough to allow the page to load quickly. Logos should be transparent PNG, ideally optimized using a tool such as pngcrush. A good target is 150px high, as that will allow it to be 2x the resolution of the current largest display.

Updating your school’s description

  • Descriptions should be no longer than 1000 characters and no links will be allowed in the text.
  • Copy should be written in the third person.
  • Descriptions should be as objective as possible. We will not accept phrases like “one of the best bootcamps” but will accept “Rated a top 10 bootcamp by TNW”.

Updating individual stats

  • Founded dates are to be listed as years
  • Price should be listed in full or per month, depending on your payment schedule. If payments are monthly, please list “per month” after the price
  • Topics, cities, and admissions data should be separated by commas if there are multiple
  • When adding topics, please only include those listed in topics.yml. If one of your program’s main topics is not listed, and you think it should be, you can include a change to topics.yml in your pull request.
  • If your bootcamp is online, please include “remote” within the cities section
  • Admissions data should include anything that is required to be accepted i.e. interviews, applications, prep work, etc. If you do not have an admissions process, please mark the field as “Open to anyone”
  • We will only accept placement statistics updated within the past 6 months. If you do not make your placement statistics publicly available, or they are not up to date, please mark the field as “Undisclosed”
  • If your program guarantees a job, please list the details within the section i.e. “Yes - within 10 months of graduation or your money back”
  • Financing includes loans and payment plans


Bootcamp Finder is © Thinkful, Inc. 2016. Individual contributions that are not created by Thinkful are owned by the contributor, but once submitted cannot be easily erased. Contributions made to Bootcamp Finder in any form (pull request, commits, revisions on behalf of other parties, etc) will remain public and free (as in beer) on the web. No copies or forks can be republished without the express, written consent of Thinkful, and Thinkful does not take responsibility for the accuracy of any information contributed or created. By editing someone else's entry you grant permission for that entry to be used without limit by the original author. If you find an error, create a pull request and fix it!


All the data used in Thinkful's Bootcamp Finder tool.






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