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Rust Minecraft Client
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Steven (Rust)

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A Minecraft client coded in Rust. Ported from steven-go. Don't expect it to go anywhere, just doing this for fun.


Steven on Hypixel Steven

In action:


I generally am on the irc network in the #think channel. Feel free to pop in to say hi, Webchat can be found here


For more detailed info and platform specific instructions check the wiki.

Currently requires SDL2, OpenSSL and nightly rust to build.

cargo build --release

Windows users can download pre-compiled builds from here: (Select your platform, Click the artifacts tab and download

The Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable is required to run these builds.



Just running steven via a double click (Windows) or ./steven (everything else) will bring up a login screen followed by a server list which you can select a server from.

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