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ZF2 Console Sandbox


This repo contains example Console applications built on top of Zend Framework 2

It currently contains 2 example applications, with a few more coming soon.

Matrix Screensaver (/matrix)

This is a Console-only ZF2 application that directly directly calls Zend\Console methods to display a well-known screensaver animation. It features multiple command-line parameters to customize the effect and usage information that is displayed via MVC.

Module Manager experiment (/module-manager)

This is an example of web + http application. The web part is a standard Zend Skeleton App that displays a Welcome Page in the browser. When run via zf from terminal (command line) it will invoke a Console-dedicated module, located in modules/ModuleManager that handles various commands and parameters. It mimics a potential, future tool to manager zf2 modules from the command line, but this is out of scope of this experiment - all operations are merely simulated to show integration between MVC and Console.


Clone this repo with its dependencies

git clone --recursive git://github.com/Thinkscape/zf2-console-sandbox.git


  • To test on Linux, Unix and Mac:

    • Open terminal
    • cd zf2-console-sandbox/matrix
    • matrix or matrix --help for help
    • cd ../zf2-console-sandbox/module-manager
    • zf
  • To test on Windows:

    • Open Command Prompt
    • cd zf2-console-sandbox\matrix
    • matrix or matrix --help for help
    • cd ..\zf2-console-sandbox\module-manager
    • zf


  • Matrix app currently requires Linux/Unix/Mac or Windows with Ansicon installed
  • module-manager app runs on all systems supported by Zend\Console (including Windows)


Please send all feedback directly to me or to official ML: zf-contributors