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sb bug workaround
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ThirteenAG committed Jul 25, 2017
1 parent 2fdccd8 commit 35655d40b2499facb3323398e899a8ea487ac172
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@@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
@echo off
set "gta3sc=%cd%\tools\gta3sc\gta3sc.exe"
set "sanny=%cd%\tools\SannyBuilder3\sanny.exe"
set "inifile=%cd%\tools\SannyBuilder3\inifile.exe"
set "settings=%cd%\tools\SannyBuilder3\data\settings.ini"

rem Compile gta3sc scripts
cd gta3
@@ -26,20 +28,23 @@ cd ..

rem Compile sannybuilder scripts
cd gta3
%inifile% %settings% [Main] Engine::EditMode=0
forfiles /s /m *.txt /c ^"cmd /c ^
echo Processing: @path ^&^
\"%sanny%\" \nosplash \gta3 \compile @path ^&^
exit 0"
cd ..

cd gtavc
%inifile% %settings% [Main] Engine::EditMode=1
forfiles /s /m *.txt /c ^"cmd /c ^
echo Processing: @path ^&^
\"%sanny%\" \nosplash \vc \compile @path ^&^
exit 0"
cd ..

cd gtasa
%inifile% %settings% [Main] Engine::EditMode=2
forfiles /s /m *.txt /c ^"cmd /c ^
echo Processing: @path ^&^
\"%sanny%\" \nosplash \sa \compile @path ^&^
Binary file not shown.

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