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Open Limit Adjuster

This is a open source limit adjuster for Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City and San Andreas aiming to bring back limit adjusters to the scene.

However it does not aim to be just a limit adjuster, but a limit purger, that's, turning whatever previously was limited into unlimited, being only limited by the machine/application capacity.

Not sure how to contribute? Take a look here and here. Not sure what to contribute? Check the open issues.


  • Bring limit adjusters back to the scene, but not totally centralized into one person
  • Avoid little limit adjusters here and there
  • Be an extremely stable limit adjuster
  • Purge out limits from the face of the community, we are in a dynamic world!


The source code targets pre-C++11 compilers with naked attribute, that is Visual Studio 2010 or greater.

Then run premake5 (executable included) from the base directory to generate the projects file in the build/ directory specifying the compiler you're using. By using command line, this can be done by the following command for Visual Studio 2010:

premake5 vs2010

That's it, you have a Visual Studio 2010 solution now, you are ready to contribute and compile. To generate solution for another Visual Studio version just change the 2010 to the version you are using (e.g. vs2013).

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