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Odin binding for Dear ImGui
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Update to current Odin (May 2019)
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scrshot This is a (work in progress) wrapper for dear imgui v1.64 (based on the auto-generated cimgui).

You can download the latest release with pre-built cimgui binaries here.


  • Most functions have been wrapped or bound, those missing will either be added by the maintainer over time or by PR (PRs VERY WELCOME)

Building cimgui

In the repo there is a batch script called build-cimgui.bat. Make sure you have pulled in the submodule too, then it should be as simple as running that script with a command prompt that has the Visual C++ Compiler (cl) and the Microsoft Library Manager (lib) in it's PATH. This will build a release and debug build of cimgui and put it into a folder called external in the repo root. This is where the odin source files expects to find the libs.

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